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Magic Theards Tailors LLC is a UAE  based
bespoke tailoring & fashion agency

Our wonderful journey

Our Beginning

Nearly around 41 years ago,

EV Venu and his two brothers arrived in Abu Dhabi with an artisan craft – sewing – and began working as a tailor in the Hamdan street, Abu Dhabi. At the beginning in 1980 we started National Tailors LLC with a vision of tailoring quality clothing for our customers. From those humble beginnings came a flourishing family business. Reflecting on where it all began, with a bow to fashion, Magic Threads Tailors LLC draws inspiration from the vogue with a focus on bespoke tailoring techniques. Now today Adhish Venu son of EV Venu, a skilled artistry is mirrored in the exquisite details highlighted in this elegant collection. He is specially trained in garment fabrication and certificate as a fashion designer from India, He worked in various fashion sectors in India and UAE to learn and gained experience from different kind of managements. He is skilled and took a part to drive the impressive new management skills to empower and execute his own business management at Magic Threads tailors LLC.
1980From India to UAE

Major change

The name Magic Thread Tailors LLC was recently reconstructed and rebranded in 2021. Today we added amazing new trends and, we are following our vintage culture as well to present our quality works. Magic Thread tailors LLC has been on an epic journey towards business excellence and its promise to deliver the very best to its customers. Our business success is deeply linked to our relentless research and innovativeness backed with stringent quality and service.

2021Key & experience shared to new generaion

Industries we working with

We have taken various initiatives in catering to the escalating demands of our diverse clientele across many emerging sectors from Aviation to Hospitality, Education to Healthcare, Security to Government establishments, sports & fitness to Commercial across GCC and other region.


Fabric & Raw materials

From meticulous selection and acquirement of fabric and other raw materials from some of the premier suppliers from the France, Hong Kong, India, South America, Thailand, Vietnam, United States of America, and United Kingdom, to compose every design, our tribe of extremely dexterous and professional stylists and skilled personnel understand the modern-day requirements of our every discerning customer. Our entire work force, from acquirement to delivering the finished commodity, is well aligned with the company’s underlined objective of maintaining quality at all levels and ensuring timely delivery at any location.

1980-2021Researching to bring more quality & sustainablity

To be Continued

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